MALA 800 ZOO (2014)


To date, four meetings have been held: RDV 1, the creation of the Mala 800 Zoo t-shirt, to introduce this environmental project by tackling a street art technique, stencilling, with the transmission of its history. RDV 2, the realization of a treasure hunt in the city of Maladrerie, classified as a heritage of the 20th century, to discover its artistic and other riches and thus give the desire to preserve them. RDV 3, the creation of the orchard, to create together a common living space where it would be good to rest and in season to taste its fruits. RDV 4, with the creation of a monumental nature game, “Victory Garden”, created using the graffiti stencil technique, on the slab of the former Joyeux car park. It is also an educational tool made available to the various structures in the neighbourhood. Coming soon, season 2 of the “Mala 800 Zoo” project, with new events!


Thanks to Marie Sanyas and her team at Auber kids tv for their support of the Mala 800 Zoo project.

Auber kids TV :