“Visits to the Happy Garden” with Wagon Landscaping. Aubervilliers 2018

This 2018 season at the “Jardin Joyeux” was enriched by visits to allow the inhabitants of the Maladrerie housing estate to access this installation, to discover it from the inside in a playful and educational way. The Saint Exupéry leisure centre and the Finck senior citizens’ club were invited. (More..)

“The Happy Garden” at the European Heritage Days. Aubervilliers 2018

As part of the 2018 European Heritage Days, on the theme of “the art of sharing”, the city of Aubervilliers is organising a mystery walk with a stop at the “Jardin Joyeux” in the cité de la Maladrerie. Sylvie Da Costa, accompanied by landscape architect Estelle Ollivier from the Wagon Landscaping agency, will give a performance inviting the public to reseed this installation together with the seeds collected on site. Photo credits: Michael Barriera, Cie la Mangrove and Estelle Ollivier(More..)

“O nosso ringue” with the library of Trafaria. Portugal 2018

As part of the “Summer Matinees” project, a summer event outside the walls of the Trafaria library, Sylvie Da Costa proposes a collective creation in situ made with children from Vila Nova de Caparica. The objective was to create a fresco in the open stadium of this city to avoid the degradation of the walls. The artist proposed different workshops around rock art so that each child could leave his or her mark, which would then accumulate to form the collective creation “O nosso ringue” (“our stadium”). Thanks to Mariana Vargues and Sandra Garcia (from the library of Trafaria) for their collaboration, trust and photos. (More..)

“Micro-gardens” for L’Artisan Parfumeur Paris. Season 2017

Sylvie Da Costa continues her plant-based creations in the boutiques of L’Artisan Parfumeur in Paris, in collaboration with Estelle Ollivier. They are in motion, in rhythm with the seasons and the evolution of the brand. (More..)

“Around nature” E. Finck senior club. Aubervilliers 2017

Sylvie Da Costa proposes this project “around nature” to the E. Finck senior club, eager to take advantage of this outdoor space that has been abandoned for a long time. (More..)

The “Jardin des Joyeux”. Aubervilliers 2017

Sylvie Da Costa collaborates with the agency Wagon Landscaping on this creation. Its vegetation was installed this year 2017. Its evolution will continue in 2018. (More..)

The “Verger Mala 800 Zoo”. Season 4. Aubervilliers 2017

This environmental art project by Sylvie Da Costa continued during this 4th season, for the pleasure of the inhabitants, passers-by, young and old, of the Maladrerie- Emile Dubois district of Aubervilliers. (More..)

“My secret garden” with the Centre d’Arts Plastiques d’Aubervilliers. 2017

The CAPA invites Sylvie Da Costa to imagine an artistic project in collaboration with teenagers from the Maladrerie-Emile Dubois neighbourhood. The artist proposes the creation of “My secret garden”. (More..)

“Micro-gardens” for L’Artisan Parfumeur Paris. Season 2016

In collaboration with the agency Wagon Landscaping (Estelle Ollivier and Mathieu Gontier), Sylvie Da Costa proposes plant installations in the Parisian boutiques and department stores of l’Artisan Parfumeur. The brand wants to invite its visitors to discover their new trends through micro-gardens. She is experimenting with installing a piece of nature in Parisian boutiques. This experimental dimension appeals to the artist who wanted to delight the brand and its visitors with these creations over the seasons. (More..)

The “Verger Mala 800 Zoo” season 3. Cité de la Maladrerie, Aubervilliers. 2016

For the third season of her environmental art project “Mala 800 Zoo”, Sylvie Da Costa continues this new urban orchard open to all in the Cité de la Maladrerie in Aubervilliers. She is carrying out a new programme based on the theme of nature as a source of nourishment, while continuing her various collaborations. (More..)

The “Jardin des Joyeux” by Wagon Landscaping (Parking des Joyeux, Aubervilliers. 2016)

To respond to the request of the OPH d’Aubervilliers on the issue of the former Joyeux car park in the cité de la Maladrerie, Sylvie Da Costa proposed to call upon the agency Wagon Landscaping. This autumn, the agency is creating an artistic-landscape installation inspired by rock gardens. Wagon Landscaping has invited the artist and resident of the city to participate in this creation. (More..)

The “Mala 800 Zoo Orchard” season 2 (Cité de la Maladrerie, Aubervilliers. 2014 / 2015)

For this second season of her environmental art project “Mala 800 Zoo”, Sylvie Da Costa is creating her orchard of trellised fruit trees. In order to learn this ancient technique, which is little mastered today, she collaborates with the King’s vegetable garden in Versailles, where she is trained in this technique. (More..)

TREASURE HUNT “Congo Square” for the Villes des Musiques du Monde festival (Aubervilliers, 2014)

Following the success of the first season of the environmental art project “Mala 800 Zoo”, a second season is proposed since September 2014. The festival “Villes des Musiques du Monde” commissions Sylvie Da Costa to create a treasure hunt on the theme of their new edition: “Congo Square, the African soul of New Orleans”. The artist performs in the city of La Maladrerie to make participants discover the history of Louisiana, New Orleans and its mythical Congo Square, where the African people have brought a great artistic wealth, still present today.

The “Crest” of Slava Polunin’s Moulin Jaune estate (Crécy la Chapelle. 2014)

For the roof of his new guest house, Slava Polunin wanted to see it as a plant “ridge”. Sara Lubtchansky, cultural manager of the Moulin Jaune estate, asked Sylvie Da Costa to create this performance. Photo credits: Nadine Petey Duvesel. (More..)

“Cultivate your campus” by Wagon Landscaping (Cité Descartes, Marne-la-vallée. 2014)

Wagon Landscaping, a collective of DPLG landscape architects, invited Sylvie Da Costa to participate in the creation of their “Cultivate your campus” project at the Cité Descartes in Marne la Vallée. (More..)

VICTORY GARDEN GAME (Aubervilliers. 2014)

Using the graffiti/stencil technique, Sylvie Da Costa prints her “Victory Garden Game” on the ground. In other words, about sixty multicoloured squares, arranged in the form of a spiral, designed with Hélène Durosini, a visual artist. (More..)

COUTUME CAFÉ (Paris. 2014)

This creation for the window of Coutume Café on rue Martel in Paris was inspired by the history of coffee. It proposes miniature gardens of this plant in original containers, customised with the Coutume logo and the botanical name, as if they had arrived from an expedition. This installation is accompanied by aerial cabling to accommodate other climbing plants, which by their growth will create a canopy for the coffee trees. (More..)

KECHALIS (Les Allumeurs. 2014)

Creation of an imaginary forest with a video projection accompanied by an installation of white wires reminiscent of the stripes of light in the foliage, on which firefly cocoons sparkle with their luminescence. The floor is covered with forest leaves, so that the spectator has the feeling of entering a mysterious place where fairies could appear. (More..)

FLORA DO VAPOR (Lisbon 2013)

Following the invitation of the collective Les Saprophytes to give an artistic response in connection with the project da Casa do Vapor, an in situ creation was made on the theme of the preservation of the flora of the coast inspired by the document “Estudo de indicadores de Vulnerabilidade de sistemas dunares: um contribuito para a gestao integrada de zonas costeiras”. It consists of stencils of endemic plants inscribed as vegetal prints on the rocks of the dyke and on the wall that circumscribes the space of the Casa do Vapor. (More..)

DUKREBEN (Les Allumeurs 2012)

Creation of an imaginary garden of eight glittering wheels in motion, composed of magic potions of happiness and their plant macerations, wild herbs and dances of nature. This production was inspired by the magic of plants in Roma culture and its flag, which represents the recognition of this people. Workshops offered to families from the “Satu nou” integration village in Aubervilliers enriched this project. (More..)

RHIZOMA (Les Allumeurs 2011)

Part of the “rhizoma” chapter of the book “mille plateaux” by G. Deleuze and F. Guatarri, this installation invites you to a celestial journey where porcelain rhizomes move in a calm movement, accompanied by mirrors and spheres in a penumbra of black lights. (More..)

TRANZIT (Les Allumeurs 2011)

The “Pédagolaby”, a labyrinth of different flowering mixtures created with a class of bodywork from the neighbouring high school, and “les envahissantes”, which presents diversity through the family of cucurbits. (More..)

EXTRAKAR (Les Allumeurs 2010)

A car where the interior and exterior are reversed, with one garden in suitcases on the gallery and another when you enter. It’s an invitation to travel. (More..)

LA PBH (Comptoir Général in Paris 2010 – 2014)

The vegetal part of this place is an evolving artistic-landscape installation on the theme “nature takes back its rights”. (More..)


Creation of the installation “Tillandsia” for the memory space of Cité Jardin in Stains. It is inspired by the idea of a suspended interior garden, composed of epiphytic plants accompanied by porcelain supports and mirrors. Lighting for shadow puppets and the mechanisation of certain elements allow its transformation between day and night. (More..)

ATELIER 710 (2008 – 2013)

Collaboration with the Atelier 710 collective of landscape architects and visual artists, among others on their project “Jardins barges” in Dunkirk, as part of a commission from the city “Opener”, which questions the place of art in public space. (More..)


Collaboration with the company Wagon Landscaping (landscape architects dplg from the Versailles Landscape School) on various artistic and landscape projects. (More..)

A TABLE AU 104 (2008)

Invited by Katell Le Tiec, landscape gardener, to participate in the project of the collective le Balto “A table” the indoor garden at the opening of 104 in Paris. Creation of an installation presenting the “green fertilizers”, from the seed pushed in rockets to the plant, with a signpost informing of the quality of each one. (More..)