TEXTILE FOLIE (Compiègne 2013)

Creation for the Acta Fabula Company of a visit/workshop on the theme of fashion in connection with the “Textile Follies” exhibition, as part of the 2013 Portes du Temps at the Palais de Compiègne. Conception and realisation of a transversal visit of the palace with the presentation of fashion icons from the history of this place such as Queen Marie Antoinette and her milliner Rose Bertin, the dressmaker Mme Raimbault and Joséphine de Beauharnais or Charles Worth with Pauline de Metternich. The roles are interpreted by Géraldine Moreau – Geoffrey, actress. The workshop focuses on the design of mixed media textile samples inspired by nature for the motifs. A mannequin with a Second Empire crinoline is dressed in a dress made up of all these samples created by each child who thus participates in the creation of this “textile madness”.


This creation was presented during the Heritage Days in the Palais de Compiègne.