The “Mala 800 Zoo Orchard” season 2 (Cité de la Maladrerie, Aubervilliers. 2014 / 2015)

For this second season of her environmental art project “Mala 800 Zoo”, Sylvie Da Costa is creating her orchard of trellised fruit trees. In order to learn this ancient technique, which is little mastered today, she collaborated with the King’s vegetable garden in Versailles, where she was trained in this technique. She organised this orchard like a labyrinth, composed of different varieties of apple trees, pear trees, a peach tree, an apricot tree, vines, small fruits, flowering meadows and pumpkins. She invited her friends Wagon Landscaping to collaborate on constructions (labyrinth frames, wooden decking and seating) to emphasise her desire to turn this former wasteland of the city into a new convivial space, where one can sit, chat or even practice picking. This new public garden of the city around the nourishing nature could be made thanks to the collaboration of its various partners (local and financial) and especially the positive energy of the inhabitants of the city. It will continue in the autumn of 2015 with a new programme offered to the inhabitants.
Photo credits: Marie Sanyas and Sylvie Da Costa.